The P600 is one of the strongest sports cars with
the official approval and homologation for road
service one can buy on earth.
The electrical engines brute performance with the
maximal torque from the first revolution on exceeds
every expectancy, the technical values argue
for themselves.

The acceleration is optimized up to its physical
limit by the shiftable traction control.

The P
600 possesses incomparable reserves in
every situation, which remain unforgetable,
even for the most experienced drivers.

When braking the kinetic energy is ideally fed-back
into the accumulators, good ranges are
together with the range extender.

We build your individual sports car,
according to your personal wishes.
Together with the
prospective owner our
designer compile his
individual desired car,
another identical car
will never exsist.

The technical equipment and the interior
are of best quality and only selcted
components are used.
  P 600 Limited Edition

Power 600 hp (440 kW)
Torque 1300 ft-lbs (1760 Nm)
Speed > 200 mph (320 km/h)
All wheel drive, powered by
two electric engines
Range extender

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