Chassis: Steel space frame, computer added design, hydropulse tested, adjustable suspension, carbon
ceramic brakes, uniball technology,
seperate adjustable regulated downforce for each axle
Body: Carbon fiber / glass fiber / composite / aluminium / steel
  Engines: Watercooled permanent magnet synchronous motors, very high power density, maximum
torque beginning at 0 rpm, range extender with high performance Wankel rotary engine
Akkumulators: Latest Lithium-Ion technology, high performance battery management system, short charging time
Wheels: Aluminium alloy rims with 20", 22" or 24", dependent on the car design, high speed low profile
tyres with high load index
  Drive modi: Street, race, economy, maximum acceleration, town, snow, desert, two wheel drive front,
two wheel drive rear, all wheel drive, traction control
  Exterior: All designs are possible, for example similar to Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamorghini, Maserati, Iso Grifo,
Aston Martin, Lotus or Porsche, as convertible or closed car, gullwing doors, classic car desing,
gran tourismo design, etc, designed by our specialists according to customers specification and wishes,
from sportive elegant to pure racing design. Create your individual car, unique on earth.
The first P600 is ordered with a body similar to the new Porsche 918 Spyder design.
  Interior: Two or four seats, finest leather finish, high end sound system, DVD, screen, much more features
possible according to customer specifications, all included.
  Warranty: 5 years, manufactured in Germany                            back
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